Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

Young Playwrights' Theater's Core Programs

Our Core Programs


Young Playwrights’ Theater serves the Washington Metropolitan Area and offers in-school and after-school programming that teaches young people how to tell stories. Our workshops build on the concept of playwriting and encourage young people to share stories that matter to them in accessible, imaginative, freeing ways, while reinforcing literacy, communication and confidence.


In-School Playwriting Program

"[YPT] helped me with knowing my thoughts were valid, and I can express myself." - Dave P., Eastern High School

YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program weaves the art of playwriting into Language Arts curricula as part of students’ school-day instruction to enhance literacy, creative expression and communication. Through twelve in-class playwriting workshops, our teaching artists teach students the mechanics of language, and tools for dramatic writing and self-expression. During the program, we bring professional actors into the classroom to perform the students’ plays. Seeing professionals bring their words to life is an empowering experience and shows our students that what they have to say matters.


After-School Playwriting Program

"[YPT] made me more confident because I got more creative, and I now want to act like Ms. Lori!" - Lyndsey, Tubman Elementary School

Built on our In-School curriculum, YPT’s After-School Playwriting Program further develops students’ creative expression and collaboration by inviting them to explore theater as writers, devisers and performing ensembles. During out-of-school time hours, students create plays together in a program that emphasizes teamwork, giving and receiving peer feedback and working creatively. The program culminates in a performance of our students’ plays for their peers.


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YPT’s program model is flexible. 
We are happy to adjust programs to meet the specific needs of our partners. 

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