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AROW: Abolishing Racism and Oppression in the Workplace

Move Your Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Work from Talk to Action with Young Playwrights' Theater


(l-r) YPT Directors Farah Lawal Harris, Jared Shamberger, Brigitte Winter and Jessica Wisser presenting the
AROW case study at the 2020 DC Theatre Summit


Everyone is an expert on their own experience and YPT is no different. After undergoing an intense multi-year process to move toward becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive organization, we know first-hand the pitfalls, stumbling blocks and rich rewards of such an endeavor. 

Based on our knowledge and experience, we provide Abolishing Racism and Oppression in the Workplace (AROW). AROW will function as a resource for other organizations interested in learning about the anti-racism work that we have done as well as implementing meaningful anti-racist and anti-oppressive policies and procedures within their own workplace.

YPT provides four sessions that include initial leadership consultation, two staff meetings and a final follow-up with leadership. Along with these sessions, we will guide your organization through essential reading, data gathering, analysis as well as structural recommendations and creation of relevant policies and documentation. If your organization is interested in expanded consultation, additional sessions can be added and tailored to your needs.

AROW moves beyond Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and cultural competency. AROW is about creating a plan and taking concrete action toward becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppressive organization.

To learn more about AROW and how YPT can support your anti-racism and anti-oppression journey, please contact Jared Shamberger, YPT Program Director, at