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2017 New Play Festival

Take a look back at the
2017 New Play Festival!

May 1, 2017
GALA Hispanic Theatre


May 8, 2017
Theater J 


May 15, 2017
Anacostia Playhouse



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2017 New Play Festival Featured Playwrights

May 1, at GALA Hispanic Theatre


The Wrong Way!!!
by Tomii Butts
Savoy Elementary School

An alien traveling in outer space takes a wrong turn for the best when he crash lands on Earth and makes new friends! But will he find his way home? 



Chocolate and Fairy's Adventure
by Taya Gant
Tubman Elementary School

Coming all the way from Candy Land, lonely Chocolate finds herself in a strange land and gets lost. A new friend named Fairy must help her get to an important dinner before it's too late!




The Concert
by Alexa Cruz-Zuniga,

Stevie J. and Kenia Perez-Meza
Bunker Hill Elementary School

(Pictured left to right: Alexa, Stevie)

These three playwrights teamed up for a delightfully creative play featuring puppets! Two cousins meet a strange new friend named Ice, but trouble ensues when they accompany Ice to a music concert!

La Prueba de Inglés
by Estephanía Rodrigues

Bancroft Elementary School
Maria just came to the United States from Honduras twenty days ago, and today, she has an English test! Will Maria find the courage to take the test? Her mom, friends and teacher hope she will!



by Emily Catalina Morales Rojas
John Adams Elementary School

Youngest sibling Jade is sick of being picked on by her older brother Fernando. With her big heart and charming wit, she plots to make Fernando's bad behavior stop and learns the importance of family too!




Trouble in New London
by Mather Zung

Watkins Elementary School

In the futuristic New London, business partners Johnathon and Alicia have a great new idea, but a scheming rival may put a wrench in their hopeful plans in this hilarious tale of wit, money and intrigue!




May 8, at Theater J


Messing Up Big Time
by Osvaldo Duran-Rojas

DC International Public Charter School

Miguel is definitely not looking forward to Mrs. Gerberdeswamp's math test, and concocts a chaotic plan with the help of his friend Rick to stop the test forever! But, it takes more than hijinks to get rid of Mrs. Gerberdaswamp!


Mr. Pickle and Barren Bell: Election Day
by Charlie Pusey
Lab School of Washington

Political rivals Mr. Pickle and Barren Bell go toe to toe while running for Governor of the World, but with natural disaster, freak accidents and more, will the election even happen?


I Got This!
by Maya Schindler
DC International Public Charter School

Lily badly wants to play baseball, but everyone thinks baseball is for boys. Watch as Lily defies the odds with the support from her dad to achieve her dream and teach some nay-sayers a lesson in sports and life!


The Tear Princess
by Lily Vietmeyer
Lab School of Washington

Alice is from the town of Dewbarry, a town where all of its citizens are always happy, but after Alice's mom passed away, Alice became sad and was forced to leave the happy town. Will Alice ever come back to Dewbarry? Watch and see in this tale of mourning and forgiveness.


The Amusement Park
by Kayla White
Eliot-Hine Middle School

Kayla wants to hang out with her best friend Carla at the amusement park for Carla's birthday, but there's just one problem: Kayla is afraid of roller coasters! Let's see if Kayla will face her fears in the name of friendship!






May 15, at the Anacostia Playhouse

by Kayla Clay
Eastern High School

Seventeen-year-old Stephanie has everything going for her: good grades in school, friends and a boyfriend who loves her. But all of that may change with a life-altering decision. Options is recommended for ages thirteen and up.



Dr. Crow's Laboratory
by Dresean Stewart
Ballou STAY High School

In this outrageous comedy, a mad scientist-in-the-making turns his bitter attentions to concocting a deadly potion for his hated science teacher. Will he succeed, or end up in awkward dinner with the very teacher he wanted to kill? Dr. Crow's Laboratory is recommended for ages thirteen and up.


A Yellow Line
by Jasmina Tang

H-B Woodlawn High School

All her life, Meilin wanted to be an actress, but she's always been told that Asian actors face discrimination and stereotyping in the industry. Will she give in to the doubt expressed by the people who care about her, or will she try anyway?



Red in Cage
Chase Yaculak

Chelsea School

In this meaningful tale about the meaning of freedom, three birds wake to suddenly find a fourth bird named Robin in their rusty old cage. Robin dreams of freedom and works up a plan to escape, but will his new cage-mates follow suit?