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2013 Featured Plays and

2013 Featured Plays and Playwrights

April 22

***Plays on this night are family-friendly and appropriate for all audiences.***


Markeus and his sister Veronica must fix their time machine to save the world. Can they find the time portal and stop the evil Cyclone before it’s too late? Go on a wild adventure with Marco Anderson’s The Legend of Crisis City.

Marco is in the seventh grade at Sousa Middle School. This is his second time being produced by YPT. His first play, Dr. Four Arms Trilogy, was performed in the 2011 New Play Festival.

Samantha thinks she knows everything about mean girl Mariah, but Mariah has another side she’s afraid to show. See these two challenge the norm and take on the POPS—a.k.a. Popular Girls—in The Real Me! by Gi’Armoni Dorsey.

Gi'Armoni is in the eighth grade at Lincoln Middle School.


An aspiring young author gets inspiration from unlikely characters when she finds herself Stuck in a Fairy Tale. Cinderella and company have a lot to learn from a contemporary teen in this play by Nora Foster.

Nora is in the eighth grade at Swanson Middle School.



Only child Alex has always wanted a sibling, but she learns to be careful what you wish for when her dad builds her a robot brother!
An Annoying Life by Genesis Lopez shows that maybe family squabbles aren’t just for humans.

Genesis is in the fifth grade at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School. 


In Ben Perez’s A Walk in the Woods, Bob is a passionate naturalist in the Galápagos Islands. When he comes across a hunter with a grudge, can he save his animal friends?

Ben is in the fifth grade at Bancroft Elementary School 


Catwoman is out to rob another bank, but Sweetie won’t let that happen if she can help it! A dog superhero tries to defeat her rival once and for all in Sweetie Fights Catwoman by Paola Rivera.

Paola is in the fifth grade at Plummer Elementary School.



In Leah Silverman’s The Adventures of Emma Bear Silverman, Emma’s mom has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Pig. Can she and her sidekick, Puppy, rescue her mom from certain doom?

Leah is in the fifth grade at Watkins Elementary School.



April 23

***Plays on this night contain mature content and may not be appropriate for children under thirteen.***


Aubrey is celebrating her high school graduation with family and friends, but all is not as it seems with her guests. A dinner party takes a scary turn in Aubrey & Clyde, a dramatic whodunit by Jhoselin Beltran.

Jhoselin is in the eleventh grade at Bell Multicultural High School.




Eric is the school nerd. Jeffrey is the cool slacker. Can these two bust the stereotypes and learn to be “chill” without losing themselves? Find out in The Dub and the Nerdy by Jeajout Cymonisse.

Jeajout is in the eleventh grade at Bell Multicultural High School.




It’s a Gaaay World Out There! by Kyle Moran explores the relationship between a young gay man and his straight best friend. When Daniel decides it is time to come out of the closet, will Mike question his long-held homophobia or lose Daniel forever?

Kyle is in the tenth grade at Ballou Senior High School.




Tim the Sloth is a twisted tale of food and friendship. Tim longs to eat his human friend Mr. Mills, but he is afraid of losing his only companion. Watch Tim grapple with his unusual dilemma in this dark comedy by Paul Schad.

Paul is in the tenth grade at Chelsea School.




Christina Schneider explores the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New Beginnings and Second Chances. Fourteen-year-old Kacey wants to help rebuild her life and her city, but her mom wants to shelter her from the difficulties ahead. Can Kacey claim a role for herself in the aftermath, and in her family?

Christina is in the eighth grade at H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program.




2013 Finalist Plays and Playwrights

Joana and Rosi by Brian Alfaro, Fillmore Arts Center

Gapen the Cat Spy by Maisie Arlotto, Watkins Elementary School

Super Autumn by Elsa Coony, Bancroft Elementary School

I Was... by Jennifer Cruz, Bell Multicultural High School

Planned Out - A Dream by Chidinma Egesia, Bell Multicultural High School

Peppy’s Flare by Kani Green, Walker Jones Education Campus

Mr. and Mrs. Evans’ Sick Dog by Ben Kassiun, Wakefield High School

Super Awesome - The Play! by Will Larrota, Swanson Middle School

Proving Yourself by Sawyer Linde, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program

Mrs. Pepper’s Room by Dorothee Mulumba, Swanson Middle School

What the Teacher Saw by Lily Perez, Bancroft Elementary School

First World Problems by Artur Pietro, H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program

In for the Kill by Ralanda Simpson, Walker Jones Education Campus

Video Game Disaster by Adrian Soriano, Powell Elementary School

November 23: The Tale of William by Jerome South, Bell Multicultural High School

A Journey by Louisa Spector, Watkins Elementary School

Trading Places by Monica Villacorta, Bell Multicultural High School

The Geeks by Jeffrey Williams, Powell Elementary School