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New Play Festival 2010

New Play Festival 2010

YPT’s 2010 New Play Festival, an annual celebration of bold new voices, was a huge success!

Thank you to all of you who joined us for a workshop production of 8 of the best plays from last year’s In-School Playwriting Program.

During the fall of 2009, YPT worked with over 580 students at 12 schools. Together they completed over 450 plays. Thirty-two of these plays were recommended for the reading committee, made up of professional theater artists. We hope you will join us as we honor and celebrate the incredible work of these young people.


WAMU 88.5 is the official radio sponsor of the 2010 New Play Festival.

Broccoli Man by Isaiah Dorsey

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2010 Plays and Playwrights

Daft Desire by Kenrry Alvarado is a tongue in cheek tale of love, revenge and the power of the mafia. When your ex is out to get you, the question is: who’s in charge here? Kennry is a junior at Bell Multicultural High School.



Love, Math and Martians Don’t Mix by Cassidy Boomsma is a classic romantic comedy told from a middle school perspective that reminds us of the emotional complexity of finding a love that is out of this world. Cassidy is in the 8th Grade at Swanson Middle School.




Viordanna and the Knight by Melissa Joskow is a comic take on the world of fairy tales. A dragon just wants to be left alone, but how can she be when arrogant knights roam the kingdom searching for the glory? Melissa Joskow is an eighth grader at HB Woodlawn.


Did you ever have a job that you hated? Meet Glum Betty. All she wants is to get through her work day, but she’s stuck with a coworker who actually believes in the power of sandwiches. The Art or Science of Sign Flipping was written by Becky Koretz, a senior at Wilson high school.
For many people around the world, living in the United States is a dream. But what happens when making that dream a reality means leaving family behind? In Mariana’s Wish by Mariana Pavon, a teenage girl wants nothing more than to see her mother, but they’re hundreds and hundreds of miles apart. Mariana is a junior at Wakefield High School.
In Going Down the Evolution Ladder by Brenda Reyes, we find out that sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s crazy and who isn’t. Brenda Reyes is a senior at Banneker High School.
A town crier has lost his rhyme. The evil Styx is working towards his goal of world domination. And our only hope is still in school. Can Altadork save the day? Altador(k) was written by Eduardo Reyes, a junior at Bell Multicultural High School.

The year is 3434. All women on planet earth have been wiped out. Fathers are forced to kill their own daughters, and babies are born with the help of a machine called the Life Tank. This is the dark and disturbing world of 3434 by Kalia Snowden. What are the chances of survival for the only woman in the whole world? Kalia is a freshman at Wilson High School.


Scenes from "Daft Desire" by Kenrry Alvarado

New Play Festival 2010

Scenes from "Love Math and Martians Don't Mix" by Cassidy Boomsma

New Play Festival 2010

Viordanna and the Knight by Melissa Joskow

New Play Festival 2010

The Art or Science of Sign Flipping by Becky Koretz

New Play Festival 2010

Going Down the Evolution Ladder by Brenda Reyes

New Play Festival 2010

Scenes from "Altador(k)" by Eduardo Reyes

New Play Festival 2010

3434 by Kalia Snowden

New Play Festival 2010

New Play Festival 2010 Photo Albums

On April 19-21, 2010 Young Playwrights’ Theater presented the 2010 New Play Festival.

There are separate photo albums for each playwright and his/her play.  Click on the image to view details for any...