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Tiara Parker

Promising Playwright, May 2008

I Am
by Tiara Parker
I am the earthquake that quivers the ground
but yet I don’t make a sound.
I am the reflection of the moon and stars
on the sun’s face!
I am the twinkle in the eye of 
the less fortunate,
yet with laughter and grace.
And I am the speed of the track star’s run
but never counting my pace.
And I am the rich man’s daughter
but in my mansion there’s no quiet place.
Like many 8th graders Tiara Parker is complex.  She may seem shy upon first meeting but with a little bit of practice and encouragement Tiara can bring all the angst and passion of adolescence into a performance of a scene or a monologue.  She keeps an informal diary of her thoughts and poems, but she’s not afraid to speak out when given the opportunity.
"I want to be a lawyer," she says. "I like to argue."
Tiara has been reading since the age of four.  "Ever since first grade, teachers have liked how I read and write," she says, adding, "I get it from my mother."  She goes on, "My mother used to sit up on top of the washing machine with a whole box of books and her thick glasses."  Tiara will sometimes skip dinner if she’s deep into a book.  Her favorites are Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket and Tears of a Tiger.  This last book reflects her maturing interests.  "I used to make stuff up from whatever mood I’m in," Tiara says. "Now, lately I’ve been writing about struggles in life.  Sometimes it seems like it’s harder for girls."
She advises other potential playwrights, "Write what you feel.  There’s always somebody who would relate to what you’re going through."