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Taliya, Kimberly, Gabby, Katherine, Antonio

Promising Playwrights, July 2018

The Powell Elementary School students in Ms. Lilian's playwriting workshop, as part of YPT's partnership with DCPS' All the World's a Stage Summer Enrichment Program, were pumped and ready to go. In one of the final classes with YPT, the 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade playwrights had just finished their collaborative plays and read them to each other while Ms. Lilian guided them on performance and public speaking. Stories ranged from scary clowns to ghosts to real life conflicts. Taliya, Kimberly, Gabby, Katherine and Antonio came together and wrote a play about friendship. Titled Friends, their play zooms in on two inseparable best friends Giselle and Crystal. But when Giselle meets the cool, famous celebrity Ceasar and becomes close friends with him, she must confront Crystal's jealousy and figure out how to hold on to both of her friends. 

The process of writing the play together was very easy for the group. "We're all friends, so we wanted to write about friends, and we also wanted to include drama in our story," Taliya explains. As friends, this group has a lot of things in common such as an interest in becoming professional actors, and a love for sports like soccer and basketball. All of them have written before, whether it was poetry or journal writing. 

Overall, Taliya, Kimberly, Gabby, Katherine and Antonio are very proud of their play, and can't wait to perform it on the Keegan Theatre stage!