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Sophie ReVeal

Promising Playwright February 2008

Sophie Reveal’s ideas flow faster than her words. She is bursting with creative energy and trips over herself to get the words out fast enough. She examines each idea from all perspectives, telling the story over again to make sure she said it the right way.
In her play A Chocolate Covered Adventure the miniature candies who make up her cast of characters are similarly snappy with their repartee:
      Dark Chocolate: Curses! Foiled again. Get it? Foiled? We’re candies...wrapped in foil? I crack myself up.  
Sophie cracks herself up regularly.  She keeps her family entertained with her high-energy adventures. Over the summer she interrogated a police officer on the beach when a number of patrol cars appeared out of no where. She stood with her hand on her hip listening intently as the officer explained what was happening and then reported it word for word for her family and assorted beachgoers. This experience inspired her foray into journalism. Sophie produces a weekly newsletter The Spencer News for her third grade class at Key Elementary, soliciting story ideas and designing the layout. So far there have been 19 editions.
Sophie takes her work seriously but is not afraid to dream. She even has a game to help her recall her lucid dreams at night.
"I feel like my dreams really happened. Sometimes I’ll act them out. It’s like a game. I make it bigger and then when it’s a dream again it’s bigger this time, and then I play the game again," she says.
She brings this care and intensity of purpose to everything she does. "She’s famous for her sliding goals in soccer," her mother reports. Sophie loves to dance, sing, act, draw, write and ride her bike.  Her play A Chocolate Coated Adventure will be featured in this year’s New Play Festival.