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Sky Stringer

Promising Playwrights, August 2011

Sky Stringer"I’m gonna write my play about a panda bear whose name is Lola. She’s a very cool girl, and she’s a very popular person, and she’s really nice," explains Sky Stringer, a fourth grader at Watkins Elementary School. "She goes to a store and gets a magical purse, but this other girl wants it who goes to her school, and she’s a bully - but she also dresses nicely. They both fight over the purse, but it ends happily. At the end, they both get the purse, but the bully gets a purple one and she gets a gold one."

Sky was inspired to write her play by a stuffed panda bear she owns. "I took her with me to Girl Scouts Camp last summer, so I thought I should write a story about her."

In addition to Girl Scouts, Sky likes shopping, watching movies, playing video games, going outside, seeing her friends, reading, drawing, coloring, napping and watching TV.

"Someday I want to be a famous actress," she adds. "I want to take acting class, and I want to do all sorts of things. I want to be in movies and plays and on Broadway, and I want to help the planet.   

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