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Rocio Carranza

Promising Playwright, December 2015

“Whenever you want to reaach something, you can reach it.”

Rocío Carranza is a bright young playwright with a bright future, and is already hard at work on reaching her goals. The third grader at Bancroft Elementary School wants to be “a doctor, an actor, a book writer, a veterinarian and a teacher,” and is taking important steps to bring those dreams to life.

A voracious reader of fairy tales, adventure stories and history books, Rocío likes science and often writes in her spare time. Her favorite activity in YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program was acting like a news reporter, because “it felt like you’re in a real [news program]. It [made me] kind of shy, like in real life when you go to the real TV.” One day, Rocío hopes to perform in plays at Bancroft, but can’t right now because she spends her out-of-school time at CentroNía, playing dodgeball and doing homework in their after-school program!

Rocio’s love for animals (and wonderful imagination) comes across in her play, The SuperPuppy. In this exciting superhero tale, SuperPuppy is a captive of the evil Lava Monster, until a girl named Jessica comes to rescue him. “[Jessica] pretended to be [from] Lava Monster Pizza,” and while the Lava Monster eats his fill, Jessica grabs SuperPuppy and replaces him with an electronic version! “Then they lived happily ever after,” Rocío says, smiling contentedly.

We can’t wait to see Rocío achieve all her dreams, and are honored to be part of her—and SuperPuppy’s—heroic journey!