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Reyna Rios

Promising Playwright, February 2011

"Everybody needs a little happiness in their life," says Reyna Rios with a smile. "I think if you write about a topic that is happy and joyful you can make somebody’s day happier and brighten it."

When YPT came into her eleventh-grade English classroom at Bell Multicultural High School, Reyna seized the opportunity to inspire people with her words. "At first I was just going to write about a gossip scenario, but then I thought, ’How is that going to change anyone? How is that going to have an effect on a person’s life?’ I wanted to do something more meaningful, which is how the idea for my play came up," she explains.

Reyna’s play explores the struggles of a young woman caring both for her younger brother, who has type-two diabetes, and an older woman who becomes a maternal-figure in her life. Though the play deals with serious topics, it is ultimately uplifting and funny. "I’m a positive person, so I guess that was transmitted into the script," she adds.  

Reyna enjoyed the process of writing her play in YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program  so much that she decided to join the Young Playwrights’ Workshop. "The Workshop is fun, and it’s something I look forward to every Wednesday," she explains. "In my opinion it should be more than just one meeting a week."    

When she is not acting and writing with YPT, Reyna enjoys reading, cooking, writing, and singing at her church. She is always looking for new things to do and explore.

Watch Reyna tell her story in her own words!

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