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Pete Hall

Promising Playwright, December 2008

"I don’t do serious plays," Pete Hall says. "I do comedy because I want to see people smile. There are so many things going on in the world today that make people depressed, so I like to give them something to make them laugh."
Pete is a senior at Bell Multicultural High School and a natural comedian. At last year’s
New Play Festival his play Keepin’ Outta Trouble had many laughing to the point of tears. Now, Pete is a member of the Young Playwrights’ Workshop and his latest work Save ’Da Planet Fool! will be featured at Monday’s New Writers Now! Green Growing and Original.  In Save ’Da Planet Fool! environmentally-minded gang members take over a TV news station to spread their anti-pollution message.  
Pete counts famous comedians Jim Carrey, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith and the Wayans Brothers among his artistic influences. "I’d have to say I get a lot of inspiration from my friends too," Pete says. "Sometimes they’ll say something and I’ll think ’I gotta put that in a play.’" Pete is also grateful for the support he has received from teaching artists at YPT.  "At first I was passionate about computers, but when I transferred to Bell from McKinley Tech I couldn’t find anyone to give me after-school help on computers. So I thought, what will my passion be?" Pete says.  "Then I discovered playwriting and YPT and I found a new direction. Being in YPT has helped me figure out where I want to go in life."
Pete is applying to UCLA and California State University and plans to explore creative writing, theater and film.
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