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Noah Goldstein

Promising Playwright, December 2016

“I get to make a play about anything I want to make a play about.”

One of our greatest joys at YPT is empowering young people to tell whatever story they want, to use the form of playwriting to bring even their wildest flights of imagination to life. On that front, Noah Goldstein did not need to be asked twice.

“We were supposed to make a monologue about a character,” the sixth grader at Mundo Verde Public Charter School remembers. “I chose to make a superhero watermelon.”

But not just any superhero watermelon: a “super famous French watermelon news reporter” who has been stranded on Planet Coconut for twenty thousand billion years, and who goes on a talk show to confront her nemesis, Jeff the Coconut. The two exchange barbs in both English and Spanish—Mundo Verde is a bilingual school, so its students speak and write in both languages—until Jeff calls his coconut minions to attack and is arrested. After performing the play for a gathering of Mundo Verde students, Noah beamed and bowed, flushed with the pleasure of his accomplishment.

When he’s not honing his craft as a budding comic genius, Noah enjoys playing the violin, reading and recess. His dream is to one day become an Olympic skier, though he may have to graduate from the “not-so-good ski resorts” nearby. He also has his eye on a whole Super Watermelon series, including an origin story and a play where the watermelon fights “another supervillain, like a banana or cabbage.”

Whomever Super Watermelon battles next, we hope that Noah keeps exploring his creative brilliance. We are so proud to have given him his first taste of the stage! Something tells us it won’t be his last. :)