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Natalie Granados

Promising Playwright, May 2016


“I just can’t wait until they perform my play.”

When Natalie Granados talks about her YPT play, The Great War of Swords, her face lights up like a star. The fourth grader at Powell Elementary School carries herself with great poise, and writes with a joyful wit that permeates the page.

“[My favorite part was] making the monologue of the antagonist,” she says. “’Cause, like, it’s very funny.”

Telling the tale of Lucy, a New York City girl searching for treasure, and her evil twin, Nightwalker, The Great War of Swords has it all: action, adventure, gold jewels that bring good luck and a healthy dose of comedy. Nightwalker, for one, has a pesky cough that keeps getting in the way of her evil laugh – Natalie beams as she reads the line, “I will need to see a doctor first, then I will follow my plan. Ha ha ha! (Cough cough).” Though Natalie knows what will happen at the end of her play, she’s not interested in revealing it to just anyone!

When Natalie is not busy crafting clever dialogue for her relatable characters, she likes to go to the park with her dad, boss her little brothers around and do science experiments in class. Last year, she won second place in her school science fair for an anti-gravity experiment involving a bottle of water, a towel and a tissue! She hopes to be a scientist or a teacher when she grows up.

For now, though, Natalie is looking forward to seeing professional actors perform her play in class. Before returning to her script, she offers one sound piece of life advice to the world: “If you make a mistake, you might have another chance – but this time, try to be better.”

Keep being great, Natalie! We can’t wait to see your wonderful words come to life!