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Mya Gonzalez

Promising Playwright, August 2012

"First, I wanted to be a teacher," six-year-old Mya Gonzalez says matter-of-factly. "But once I came into school last year, it made me realize I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write stories about people."


Mya sits perched on a chair in the common room of Long Branch Community Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she is finishing her second summer at Camp Promise. YPT first began offering the Summer Playwriting Program for Mya and 150 other Montgomery County students at Long Branch through an exciting partnership with the Commonweal Foundation last summer. So when Mya started at Spring Elementary School last fall, she was able to bring her new YPT knowledge with her.


"I made a puppet show," she explains. "I did all the writing for it. My teacher said, 'Mya, will you make up the stories for the puppet show, since you went to that writing camp?' I said, 'Okay!'"


Mya came back to YPT this June full of ideas and visibly eager to return to the Summer Playwriting Program. "YPT made me realize that I really like playwriting," she says, leaning back thoughtfully in her chair. "It's something that I'm really good at."


This summer, Mya is creating a play about a lonely dog named Fluffly who saves a village full of people from a terrible storm. "He's a very great dog. He knows how to swim," she says with an earnest nod, "so he told all the people to follow him because the village got crashed in the storm." 


When she's not writing, Mya loves to do math. "I have a big math book that I have to do every single time because I keep getting smarter." When she grows up, however, she plans to stick with her literary passions. "I always wanted to be a library teacher because the library teacher is so quiet and I always want peace and quiet. And I want to teach so that kids can be smarter and smarter and smarter, like me!"




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