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Lindsay Pierce

Promising Playwright, June 2010

"The idea just kind of popped into my head and then it went down on paper," Lindsay Pierce explains matter-of-factly. She is talking about the creation of her original play, Popularity Schemes as part of YPT’s In School Playwriting Program at Lafayette Elementary School.
In Popularity Schemes two girls contrive to become the most popular girl in school by telling rumors about each other.

"It’s more of a scene you’d see unfold in a high school or middle school hallway," Lindsay explains, going on to clarify, "I don’t have older brothers or sisters, but I hang out with fifth graders." 

"Writing the play was fun," Lindsay reports. "The stuff Miss Laurie told us was helpful.  It was fun to come up with my own idea and not have any rules about what I was supposed to write." 
When she’s not writing, Lindsay enjoys soccer, horseback riding and playing the piano and clarinet. "It’s kinda been tossing around in my head what I want to be when I grow up," Lindsay says. "I’m thinking maybe a vet, a writer, stable manager or soccer coach." Lindsay also enjoys reading, particularly the stories in the Lightning Thief series.
Lindsay counsels other young writers, "If you have an idea, write it down. Just brainstorm a bunch of ideas and get them down on paper so you don’t forget. That way, when you pick one and start writing, if you don’t like it, you’ll have a back up."

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