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Leah Chaffir

Promising Playwright, March 2018


The students at the Lab School of Washington are doing amazing things with words! Sixth-grader Leah Chaffir is expanding her literary prowess as both a playwright and a novelist. The play that she is currently developing with the help of YPT Program Associate and Teaching Artist Ms. Claudia is an adaptation of the novel she is writing in her English class.

The play, titled A 15 Year Old Story, is about a girl who identifies as gender fluid, is bullied by her classmates because of her identity and tries to escape the bullying. For Leah, the goal was to raise awareness about the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth and to encourage people who would see her play to realize that their experiences are more common and universal than people think. “I just wanted to talk about something serious that is going on all over the world,” says Leah, “And I wanted to talk about a character that is gender fluid and bisexual.”

Although Leah hasn’t written that much in her own time before starting her novel and play, she says that being in YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program has encouraged her to write more while at home or out of school. But she is particularly excited about YPT’s New Play Festival, the annual performance festival that professionally produces a number of student-written plays that have been cultivated in YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program in schools all across the DC area. “Before this [class with Ms. Claudia], I never heard of YPT and the New Play Festival,” says Leah, “so I’m really excited about the chance to get my play published!”

When she’s not writing brilliant novels and plays, Leah plays soccer and basketball for the Lab School of Washington Dragons. She also hopes to become a veterinarian one day because she loves animals and wants to help them. She’s gotten a lot of life practice so far by taking care of her labradoodle, Atticus.

Overall, Leah looks at her participation in the In-School Playwriting Program as an opportunity: “YPT is a great way to share your writing and is an honor. I just want people to know about the things that are going on in the world through my writing, not just in one place, but everywhere.”