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Khalil Ready

Promising Playwright, November 2016

“YPT is the best program I’ve ever been in so far.”

Khalil Ready’s imagination opens up whole new dimensions. The enthusiastic, creative fifth grader at Tubman Elementary School has been concocting characters for years, and has leapt at the chance to develop one in YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program this semester.

“I’m writing a character that’s been in my mind for so long ... I’m getting all my creative thinking out,” he says.

The character Khalil is writing is a man named Ken, who falls through a hole in a dimension full of video game characters to our reality on Earth. Using “the power of his own imagination,” Ken has to defeat the evil Discord, find the “Master Orb” and make it home. “His imagination provides him the power to do ... unlimited things,” Khalil says—sounding like he could just as easily be talking about himself as about his protagonist.

Even from a short conversation, it is clear that Khalil has thought Ken all the way through. “He’s twenty right now,” Khalil says, suggesting that this play is only part of Ken’s longer saga. And though Ken’s imagination brings him great power, “the only thing he can’t do is fly well: he’s afraid of heights.” Seeing professional actors play the roles of Ken and Discord in class “will be like a long-time imagination come to life,” Khalil reflects.

An avid video game player who enjoys art, is the editor of Tubman’s school newspaper and has a black belt in taekwondo, Khalil dreams of one day being a video game designer. With his skill set, drive and creativity, we know he will achieve all he sets his mind to! Look for Ken and the Master Orb for PS7 and Xbox , hitting shelves in 2030!