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Karen Ocon

Promising Playwright, December 2009

"My character is like me in some ways. She says funny stuff. She asks random questions," says Karen Ocon. "But then, she’s also straightforward. She speaks her mind. She is direct with her anger."
Karen is speaking of Yuuki, the heroine of The Vampire Prophecy, a play she has written through YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program.  Karen enjoys vampires, but is not particularly interested in the Twilight series. She is more inspired by Japanese animation and events from her own life.  Her advice to other aspiring playwrights is to "think of the moments in your life that were sad or happy, that give you passion, and try to write something from that."
Karen is in the 11th grade at Bell Multicultural High School. She dreams of going to college to study criminology and becoming a CIA agent. She lives in the District of Columbia with her parents and her two brothers.  "I don’t always share my writing with them," Karen says. "I’m too shy about it."  
Karen may identify herself as "shy" and "quiet" and her character as "outspoken," but lately Karen’s been learning to express herself through the acting classes YPT offers as part of the Young Playwrights’ Workshop.  "Acting is great because it helps me discover things I didn’t know about myself," Karen says.  "It feels good to let that inner voice of me come out."

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