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KaMiya Barett

Promising Playwrights, September 2011

"I like challenges," explains KaMiya Barett, an eighth grader at Lincoln Middle School. "If it’s above my level, I will do it because it challenges me to work harder."

When YPT came into her classroom, KaMiya rose to the challenge. "People think that the hero always wins and is tough, but sometimes the villain can be tough too; it’s just that they have a bad way of showing it," explains KaMiya. "I wanted to show how sometimes it can be backwards, and instead of the hero winning, sometimes the villain wins."


KaMiya’s play is about two dogs who are fighting over a piece of steak they find in an alley. "I had never written a play before, and it was kind of interesting. It made me feel like I was able to express myself through writing."


Though she likes words, KaMiya says she prefers working with numbers. "My friends really, really don’t like math. It makes them confused. They are always asking if I can help them with their math homework, and I say, ’okay.’ Helping them makes me feel like people can count on me."


When she is older, KaMiya wants to become an accountant. "My mom used to be an accountant, and I want to follow in her footsteps," she shares. "I would get to work with numbers - I love working with numbers."


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