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Genesis Lopez

Promising Playwright, March 2013

Genesis Lopez is a fourth grader at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Elementary School and a Featured Playwright in the upcoming New Play Festival. Her play, An Annoying Life, is currently in the dramaturgy process and will be performed alongside six other fun, family-friendly plays on April 22.


In her free time, Genesis enjoys biking, skateboarding, roller blading and playing soccer with her brother. Since YPT came to her classroom, she has added writing to that list, as well.


She wrote her first play ever, An Annoying Life, during YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program. While she is working with a dramaturge to edit An Annoying Life in preparation for the New Play Festival, she has already started writing another play. "I really want to keep on writing," she says, "because I used to think that writing was boring, but now that YPT inspired me, I love writing."


In An Annoying Life, Alex and Adam take on classic sibling rivalry with a twist: Adam is a robot! Genesis was inspired by her real-life brother. "It’s like me and my brother, we fight a lot. He gets annoying. But we are learning to get along. Because family is important and we’re like friends. And friends don’t fight. Sometimes."


Coming up with what to write about was easy for Genesis. The challenging part of the writing process, she says, was "trying to make it funny. Because I like people happy and laughing. It was hard to come up with what the characters were going to say that would be funny."


Genesis is most excited about being a Featured Playwright because she will have the opportunity "to encourage other kids to write more stuff and think that writing is fun."


When the audience sees An Annoying Life, Genesis wants them "to be entertained, laugh, and have a good time." She adds, "But there’s a lesson. If kids who are siblings watch and they don’t get along, they should get along because they’re family."


Genesis’ advice to other playwrights in the In-School Playwriting Program is, "Keep on trying. Try your best. If you don’t [get produced in the New Play Festival], it’s okay. Trying your best is what matters, and having fun, and experiencing a new thing."
You can see An Annoying Life and eleven other inspiring plays at this year’s New Play Festival on April 22 and 23. Click here to learn more. 
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