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Gabrielle Minor

Promising Playwright, October 2017

“This program was really fun! It gives you a chance to express your creativity and what you want to do on paper..."


Last month, YPT partnered with the Washington School for Girls in a one-week intensive In-School Playwriting Workshop with YPT Program Associate and teacher Claudia. The ladies of the Washington School for Girls learned about creating characters as protagonists and antagonists, conflict, resolution and dialogue and wrote captivating plays about spies, school drama, relationships with parents, thrillers and more! Seventh grade playwright Gabrielle worked with YPT actors to bring her short play That One Friend to life. In the play, a girl and her father are struggling with the death of her mother. The father does not want to let her mother go, so he tries to use magic to bring her back to life. The girl and her father must learn how to grieve and move on together.


Gabrielle says that inspiration for her play came from a book of poems she gave to her teacher in elementary school. In That One Friend, it was the girl's favorite poem from childhood that helped renew the bond between her father and her. “In third grade, I used to write a lot, and I was really good at reading,” Gabrielle explained. “I used to write words that rhyme and poems and things, and I had this big book that I gave to my teacher. It was full of all the stuff I wrote. I found out that she still has it, and I remembered that.”


When not writing her next great play, Gabrielle likes to draw, swims regularly and also dances when the spirit moves her! She plans to keep writing, too.


Overall, Gabrielle enjoyed writing with YPT. “This program was really fun! It gives you a chance to express your creativity and what you want to do on paper. When it gets acted out, it’s just like all your emotions are pouring out into a whole play.”


She even made friends with fellow students by learning more about their stories and interests. To Gabrielle, working closely with teachers during the process was a plus, too! “It really gave me a chance to communicate better. It gave me a better relationship with adults and friends that I really didn’t talk to or know, so it just got me closer to other people.”


We wish Gabrielle the best and hope she continues her exploration into playwriting!