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Fallou Fall

Promising Playwright, September 2012

"I started writing in kindergarten!" six-year-old Fallou Fall says, kicking his feet as they dangle off the edge of his chair. "We started making up stories about our weekends. I made like two pages, then started going to three... then eight... then nine!"


Fallou, now a first grader at Silver Spring Elementary School, did not know what to expect when he started camp at Long Branch Community Center this summer. This was only YPT’s second summer working with students from ages five to seven, so Fallou’s class experienced an exciting new curriculum with workshops tailored to their level. On the first day of YPT’sSummer Playwriting Program, Fallou was unsure that he could transition from making up stories in school to writing his own original play. However, when the class began working on creating characters, Fallou’s enthusiasm overshadowed his doubts.


"My character is named Sky," he says, eyes lighting up. "He’s just a regular person, but he’s a good guy. He likes to fight crime."


Fallou knows exactly how he wants audiences to react to his play. "I want the audience to just feel good," he says. "I want them to clap!"


In his spare time, Fallou loves to read, watch TV and play games on his computer. When he grows up, he hopes to be a police officer.


"I want to be a cop because then I can write people up," he says with a laugh. "But I also want to help people!"





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