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Elijah Brown

Promising Playwright, June 2011

"YPT is fun. They come to my class all the Wednesdays, and I like being there because it’s exciting. It’s fun!" explodes Elijah Brown, a fourth grader at Watkins Elementary School.

Elijah hasn’t finished his play yet, but he is looking forward to seeing it performed. "We get to write our own plays and then other people perform it," he shares. "I’ll get to see it myself. They’ll do MY play!"  


Elijah hopes his play is funny like his favorite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. "I feel like I’m funny, because I make jokes and my friends laugh at them," he explains. 


When he isn’t in class, Elijah enjoys playing outside, playing basketball and football, drawing, doing math and reading.  


However, Elijah would rather be in school. "If I could be anywhere, I would be at school. You get to learn and you get to play!"


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