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Donyeah Phillips

Promising Playwright, December 2010

“I like to write poems about animals, food and about my mom,” Donyeah Phillips says. Now, because of YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program at his school, Donyeah also enjoys writing plays. 

“My play was about me and my sister, Jaz,” Donyeah explains. “In the play she’s always going out to play with her friends but I want her to stay home with me. So I use candy that has special powers to make her stay at home.”
Donyeah’s sister, Jaz, is five years old. “She goes out a lot,” Donyeah says. “She goes to the playground and stuff.”
Donyeah also has a new baby brother, Samad. “It feels good to be the oldest one,” Donyeah says. “Whatever I do they’re going to want to do because they want to be like me. I have to make good choices, like don’t talk back to your mom, don’t get bad grades, and don’t fight in school. My mom is proud of me because I made honor roll for my sixth grade year. They gave me a medal, a certificate and an award.”
When he grows up, Donyeah wants to get a degree and become a famous football player for the Washington Redskins.

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