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Destiny Jackson

Promising Playwright October 2007

Destiny Jackson wants to be the first African American woman president of the United States of America.
If this 11-year-old does eventually assume the highest office in our land, she may feel right at home in the White House.  Last year, with YPT, Destiny took a private tour of our nation’s first home guided by the head curator of the White House Historical Association. 
"We met Barney, the White House dog, " Destiny remembers, "and we got to see all the different rooms.  The place was huge. Colossal. You could get lost there!"
Destiny was one of sixteen students from Capitol City Public Charter School who contributed to the upcoming musical Chasing George Washington slated for a March 2008 premiere at the Kennedy Center.
If elected as president, she has very clear ideas of how she’d decorate the executive mansion, "I’d have pink and purple walls -lots of girley stuff like posters and a place where you could shop." She’s quick to add, "I’d keep all the history stuff because it’s traditional. All the presidents’ pictures would stay, but the biggest portrait would be of me!"
In addition to her presidential aspirations Destiny is considering a career as a singer, actress or poet.  She is currently in rehearsals for her school musical and likes to sing Rihanna on her karaoke machine.  She’s written poems about nature and a play about relationship problems.  Destiny says "Ideas may start small but you may end up with a full length play."
She counsels other potential playwrights, "It’s not hard.  Just close your eyes and imagine.  If I could do it then anyone could."