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Demi Jamison

Promising Playwright, October 2012

When fourth grader Demi Jamison is asked what she likes to do in her free time, she proudly shows off a notebook filled with plays she is writing. Demi’s class at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School has just started the In-School Playwriting Program. Although she and her classmates are still learning about the basic structure of a play, she is so enthusiastic that she couldn’t wait to start writing.


Demi first wrote a play on her last birthday, when she turned eight. She says that she sometimes has to find a quiet spot to write if her nine-month-old sister is being noisy. "When my sister gets older I’ll tell her that it’s fun to write and people get famous from writing and making poems," Demi says. "But right now in the mornings, I just tell her to be good."


In the In-School Playwriting Program, Demi wants to learn "how to write lots and lots of plays, and different kinds." When asked how she wants audience members to feel when they see one of her plays, she confidently replies, "Excited, happy, anxious and surprised!"


When she grows up, Demi plans to be a playwright and a teacher. She was first inspired to be a writer by her grandmother, who wrote a book. Demi, who has already written twelve pages in her notebook, was amazed to see that her grandmother’s book was hundreds of pages long. Demi says, "I asked her, ’Can I be a writer, too?’ and she said, ’Sure!’" 



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