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Christian Blanco

Promising Playwright April 2007

In his play, Who’s the Big Bad Wolf? Christian Blanco takes an all-too typical domestic abuse situation and raises the stakes to fantastical new heights. The protagonist, Brian, watches in terror as his stepfather transforms into a werewolf, complete with claws and teeth. The violence he experiences in his home drives Brian to find a creative outlet.
Similarly, Christian’s own life compelled him to find self-expression outside of his home. He witnessed domestic abuse at an early age. "Seeing that as a young person, made me into a better person," Christian says. Although things have stabilized at home, he’s still always on the go between basketball, football, baseball, and performing rap and R&B. "I’m multi-talented," he says, "I’m always doing stuff. I don’t like to be in the house."
Christian is also philosophical. His family moved to the US from Nicaragua so that his older sister could get medical treatment. She passed away at age nine. "I think of her a lot," he says, "It makes me sad, but then again, if she’d never gotten sick I wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be in America." He is thankful for his mother’s perseverance and strength, in leaving behind the poverty of Nicaragua and raising her children in a new country.
When he visits Nicaragua he is struck by "the things we take for granted. There, you know, the electricity can go out and stay out for days," he says.
Christian advises other young playwrights, "Just write about what you feel most. Make sure it’s real.
If you want to send a message to someone, that’s a way to send it and let it be known."
Christian’s message will reach far and wide this Spring, as his play Who’s the Big Bad Wolf is performed at schools throughout the area as part of The Express Tour.