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Alexis Johnson

Promising Playwright, October 2015

“You are unique in what you do, and it’s how you bring it out that makes it special.

Alexis Johnson is transported by theater. Bright and inquisitive, the writer, actor and artist sees the drama in everyday moments and feels the power of the stage to draw people out of themselves.

“When I act, it’s like being in a different place,” she says. “It’s bringing me out more, so I won’t have to be shy.”

As a writer, the Cardozo Education Campus 10th grader has little to be shy about: her writing is potent and emotionally nuanced, and her play received resounding applause at a recent in-class reading. “It was amazing,” she says. “I liked the action, the emotion and the aggression [the actors] put into the play.” Seeing their interpretation of her work inspired Alexis to dig deeper into her play, and she couldn’t wait to work on it at home. “I like to be in a quiet I can have all the ideas come to me and just keep writing and writing and writing.”

As drawn as Alexis is to the written word, her ambitions lie outside the world of theater. Her dream is to study business management at Yale University, then to own her own business like her mother. No matter where she ends up, one thing is certain: by following her own advice, Alexis is sure to excel. Never say, ‘I wish I would have.’ Do the things you need to do now. Don’t be discouraged with what people may say...just do it.”

What does Alexis think people should do? Learn playwriting with YPT, of course! “It’s amazing...I recommend it to everyone.” We are delighted to have her in our program, and can’t wait to see how her exciting piece turns out!