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Adrian Soriano

Promising Playwright, November 2013

Adrian Soriano is an infectiously happy 6thgrade student at Lincoln Multicultural Middle School. When he was in 4th grade at Powell Elementary School, he wrote a play called Video Game Disaster during YPT's In-School Playwriting Program. His YPT Teaching Artist loved the play so much that it was nominated to be a part of the New Play Festival. His play was a finalist for the New Play Festival, and it was published in the 2013 Festival Book. This week, Video Game Disaster was performed by professional actors at the Josephine Butler Parks Center in Columbia Heights as a part of YPT's New Writers Now! staged reading series.

Video Game Disaster is about two personified video game consoles who get into a fight about which console is best. An avid video game player himself, Adrian was inspired by his range of experience with video games. In his own life, Adrian enjoys Call of Duty and Minecraft. He also likes to hang out with his friends and play soccer. At school, his favorite subject is math, where his class is currently tackling ratios.

Writing, however, is not always something he looks forward to.  "Before, I didn't want to do it, but I did it anyways because it was something we had to do." However, he found that writing the play was "pretty fun" and he was thrilled when he heard that his play was going to be published. The smile spread across his face as he beamed, "Yeah, I was happy when I found out that I was getting published." Now, he hopes that other students will have the same opportunity. "It's very fun to do and kids everywhere should try to write their own plays."

The celebration of his play culminated on Monday night with an action-packed, hilarious performance by professional actors, with his friends and family in the audience. Adrian is a man of few words, but in the talkback after the show, he told the audience that his favorite part of writing his play was coming up with the idea. We checked in with him afterwards and asked what he though of the performance. Grinning ear to ear he responded, "It was pretty cool."

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