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Me'Stique Colvin

Amazing Alumna, June 2017

“Thank you, YPT, for helping me get out of my shell.”

As a recent Columbia Heights Educational Campus alumna, Me’Stique says that she always had a love for writing. She just completed her time with Young Playwrights’ Workshop (YPW) with YPW’s last performance of the season, Then and Now. We caught up with Me’Stique to learn a little more about her time with YPW and her future plans.
“I write stories in my free time and get ideas from real life experience or just sitting around thinking about different things I can put in a story,” explains Me’Stique. Her love for writing immediately drew her to the work of Young Playwrights’ Workshop which challenged the students to write in different formats, from stories, to poems, to plays and more. For Me’Stique, though, writing in the Young Playwrights’ Workshop was at times challenging; sometimes coming up with subjects to write about was tough. But once she got going with an idea, the writing flow became the easiest part.
Overall, Me’Stique says that her experience with the Young Playwrights’ Workshop was always fun, and she enjoyed the collaborative nature of the workshop with other students. “The most fun is when we practice the play that everyone helped with because there’s a lot of personalities that makes [reading the play] real,” says Me’Stique. “I also like how YPW is not so strict that we can’t be ourselves.”
Her proudest moment as a member of YPW was when she got to share her work with a live audience. “Performing is my proudest moment as a member of YPW because people can see all the work that we did, and I get to see how others react to it. Acting something you wrote is one of the best feelings in the world.”
However, Me’Stique admits that she had to overcome a few personal challenges before hitting the stage. Through Young Playwrights’ Workshop she learned how to overcome her shyness and being on stage became freeing for her. “On stage, you don’t have to perform as yourself but different characters.”
When not meeting with Young Playwrights’ Workshop every Wednesday after school, Me’Stique also participated in Navy Junior Return Officers Training Corps (NJROTC), BUILD and community service groups like LearnServe, an organization that exposes students to international service opportunities. While in high school, her favorite subject was math because she enjoyed solving equations and working with numbers. In fact, she plans on studying accounting once she begins her studies at Old Dominion University this fall.
As for writing, Me’Stique says she will always write. “I write stories and poems--more creative writing--and I plan to do so in the future because it takes me from the real world.”
As she forges a career in accounting, hoping one day to own her own business, she will miss working with Young Playwrights’ Workshop at YPT. “[YPT] helped me to think outside the box and not be afraid to share my work,” says Me’Stique. “Thank you, YPT, for helping me get out of my shell.”
We wish Me’Stique the best of luck as she begins her college journey at Old Dominion University!