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YPT's Amazon Wishlist

Help YPT fulfill its Wishlist!

School is back in session, which means YPT is getting ready for another year of dynamic playwriting workshops and exciting professional productions of plays written by our brilliant young people! By the end of this school year, YPT will have reached more than 1,000 students with our In-School and After-School Playwriting Programs and produced our very first 16-performance run of a student-written play—No Hood Story by Tyrese Rowe.

But we can’t do this without you!

We need some essential supplies to bring these programs to life.
Help to make our empowering programs possible by purchasing something from our 
Amazon Wish List.

Thank you!


Our Wishes

Cinefoil and Tie Line
Our productions depend on essential theater supplies like cinefoil and tie line.

Folder Bin Storage Organizers
These will be essential in organizing and storing the work of YPT students past, present and future.

Garment Steamer
A fabric steamer will ensure that the costumes used in our productions always look crisp and clean!

An Adjustable Height Pipe and Drape Backdrop with Velvet Curtains
A pipe and drape will help facilitate backstage costume changes during our productions.

8-pack of paper towel rolls (asking for 5)
Paper towels, for use by office staff and after-school students

12-pack of post-its (asking for 5)
Post-it Notes are a playwright's best friend! They are great tools for note-taking and revisions for young playwrights who meet regularly with Artistic Director Farah Lawal Harris as they prepare their work for the stage.

35-count variety pack of chips (asking for 5)
We provide afternoon snacks for our Young Playwrights' Guild students and Young Playwrights' Workshop students! A little snack can go a long way when settling down to do some writing after school.

3-tier bookshelf (asking for 1)
We are still settling into our new home in Takoma, DC, and could use some furniture to help organize twenty-five years of student work and organization files.

Plastic file case (asking for 15)
We use plastic file cases to organize student work for each and every classroom throughout the school year. These help our Teaching Artists store and keep track of our students' writing.

50-count box of pens (asking for 5)
We try our best to provide our students with the tools necessary to write the best stories they can. It all starts with a pen! 

3-ream case of printer paper (asking for 5)
Paper is essential! We print scripts, programs, student worksheets and more in our important work with young people.

6-pack of black binders
Binders are essential tools for our work. Our Guild and Workshop students use them to track their writing and organize their work.

Gaff tape (asking for 2)
Our productions depend on Gaff tape as well as other stagecraft supplies!

25-pack of blue folders (asking for 25)
The "infamous" blue folders of brilliance are what our In-School and After-School Program students use to hold their writing through the course of the workshop. Each folder comes with looseleaf paper, worksheets and room for imagination. 


To learn more about In-Kind donations to YPT, please contact Jessica Wisser at Thank you for helping our wishes comes true!