Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

Become a YPT Builder

Become a YPT Builder

“If I could make one positive change in the world, I would make sure all kids in the world get a chance to work with YPT.”

- Tomii, 2017 Young Playwrights’ Theater Featured Playwright

Imagine a world where all young people know the power of their own voices—young people who value creativity over ignorance, dialogue over walls and empathy over hate.

This may not be the world we live in today, but it could be a world we build together, starting here in our nation’s capital.

We are calling on at least 100 YPT supporters to become YPT Builders. YPT Builders are donors who commit to giving as little as $10 per month to YPT. For as little as $10 per month, you ensure a student knows that their voice counts. Even the smallest gift can make a big difference in the life of a child. In fact, just $10 per month can help commission the play of an In-School Playwriting Program student. Budding writers like Tomii can learn how to write their very own play with the help of experienced teaching artists and go on to become published, produced playwrights. 
Setting up a recurring gift is an easy way to have a long-term impact on YPT’s sustainability, helping to ensure that our important programming is available to the children who need it for many years to come. Automated, adjustable and tax-deductible giving makes it seamless to support YPT. 
It only takes a few minutes and you will be doing something wonderful for D.C. students throughout the year, without ever having to write a check!
Become a YPT Builder today.
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Thank you, YPT Builders!

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