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The Dream Impact Map

In 2012-2013, YPT launched a new strategic plan, seeking to strategically respond to demand and deepen our impact on Greater Washington’s most underserved student populations. After months of inquiry and reflection, we developed the Dream Impact Map, an innovative new tool to help us identify and integrate our programming into those areas best served by our work.

Through the Dream Impact Map, we have plotted a course to partner with fifteen new schools by the end of FY17, sharing our In-School Playwriting Program with over 3,000 students every year. 

But not just any schools, and not just any students. Our map targets schools with low test scores, low graduation rates and few arts education opportunities, and articulates a plan to expand in these areas through neighborhood-based program continuums.

By following the same group of students through an elementary, middle and high school feeder pattern in a specific neighborhood, these continuums allow us to work with students three times throughout their academic careers, achieving a profound, lasting impact on their learning and development. 

We have already seen the positive results of this approach through improvements in students’ writing and creative engagement when they experience YPT a second or third time. Many students continue working with us in our after-school programs and stay involved once they graduate, and alumni often share inspirational stories about the difference YPT has made in their lives. (Read one such story here!)

Our Dream Impact Map is built around expanding this model in specific neighborhoods - including Wards 1, 7 and 8 - helping us deepen our impact on our students and the DC community at-large. 

Our goal by FY17 is to be serving 3,000 students in 144 classrooms in all eight wards, including five complete continuums - a 53% increase in students served.

The goal is ambitious, but so are we. Our Dream Impact Map charts a smart, strategic path towards our vision of social justice in Washington, DC through equitable access to arts education. 

However, we cannot achieve these goals alone.

Just in time for our 20th anniversary, we have launched the 20 Classroom Challenge, empowering individuals, groups and organizations to sponsor one semester of our In-School Playwriting Program at one of our new continuum schools. For more information on the 20 Classroom Challenge, click here!

If you are interested in supporting our Dream Impact Expansion, please contact YPT Deputy Director Frank Cervarich at


With your help, we will turn this Dream Impact Map into a reality!