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The 20 Classroom Challenge

Sponsor a Classroom in YPT’s 20 Classroom Challenge!


1995: One classroom, twenty students, one founder, one big dream.

2005: Eight classrooms, 300 students, five staff, new possibilities.

2015: 66 classrooms, 2,320 students, ten staff, a company of artists and a
new vision for the future.


We are seeking 20 donors to pledge $2,000 to sponsor 20 new classrooms by June 30, 2015.

Will you help us?


Since our founding in 1995, YPT has grown more than we could have imagined. We’ve gone from serving 20 students to over 2,000. We’ve expanded into new schools and forged partnerships that have brought YPT and our students’ work to places such as rural Texas border towns, inner city Detroit and Russia. Thirty of our students are published playwrights in our first book, Write to Dream. We have been recognized locally and nationally for our innovative programming, management and community impact.


We’re proud of how far we’ve come. But we’re not done yet!


As we enter our third decade serving the DC community, we have a new Dream Impact Map fueling our growth. This map articulates a clear plan for expansion into new classrooms in target neighborhoods over the next three years to deepen our impact on underserved student populations.

Our goal by FY17 is to be serving 3,000 students in 144 classrooms in all eight wards, a 53% increase in students served. And it all starts with our 20 Classroom Challenge.

$2,000 provides one semester of YPT’s In-School Playwriting Program for one classroom. By June 30, 2015, we are seeking 20 donors to pledge $2,000 to sponsor 20 new classrooms from our Dream Impact Map.

[Click the map to see the complete list of Dream Impact Map schools!]


By sponsoring a classroom, you will become one of our 20 Classroom Champions, joining an elite group of people dedicated to expanding arts education in DC. Not only will your name be associated with the gift of playwriting for an entire class of students, but you will also receive the following:
  • Personalized materials from your classroom, including cards, photos, videos and original plays. 
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet in-person the students whose lives you are touching. 
  • An honorary mention at YPT’s 20th Anniversary Giving Voice Award Gala in Spring 2015.

You can sponsor as an individual or a group, through a one-time or a monthly contribution. Organize a workplace fundraiser or rally your friends to share the gift of arts education!

With your support, we will reach 300 new students, inspire hundreds of new plays and take the first steps toward YPT’s Dream Impact Expansion.


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