Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

Katie White

Dedicated Donor

Katie White was introduced to YPT by her daughter, a former YPT student at Wilson Senior High School who was featured in the New Play Festival. “It was amazing to see her play come to life with real actors playing the roles,” Katie remembers. “That was the beginning of a great relationship between my daughter and YPT, and I was lucky to continue to be able to follow the organization through her.”

Katie has enjoyed a life long love of the arts. She holds a BA degree in Theatre, and she was an actress in elementary, junior and senior high school. She still remembers all the songs from her junior-high play "People i.e."
Katie continues to believe strongly in the arts, and particularly in the power and importance of arts education in the classroom. She was inspired to give to YPT after watching the 2009 New Play Festival, and witnessing first-hand what a difference YPT can make in the lives of young people from all over DC. “I hope YPT will use the funds for whatever needs the organization has,” Katie says, “and that it will make some small difference to the programs.”
To anyone considering donating to YPT, Katie says, “Give whatever you can to this really important organization. If one child a year decides that he or she can be a writer, or an actor, or can attend college, the impact is HUGE. In addition to adding to the artistic education of kids who can afford to follow their dreams, this organization reaches out to children who don't have the privileges others take for granted. What a great way to expose these children to the arts and allow them to express themselves and their life situations.  It will make a difference to them and others who are fortunate enough to experience their work.”