Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson

Dedicated Donors

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson are long-time DC residents who have been involved with YPT for the past two years. 

"We donate to Young Playwright’s Theater because we have been to a number of their productions, seeing first-hand what they are accomplishing with young people from a wide variety of backgrounds in our public schools," Carol says. 
Carol and Alan also have volunteered their time, serving as ushers at YPT events such as the New Play Festival and New Writers Now!
Alan taught mathematics in DC Public Schools for 31 years.  "For the last nine I taught at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where I witnessed the value of the arts in stimulating learning," Alan says.  Carol is a former journalist and volunteer adviser to student newspapers at the DC schools attended by their children. "I have a special interest in seeing that young people are taught to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively," she says. "Besides, we enjoy good theater!" they add.

Without the support of dedicated donors like Carol and Alan, YPT programming would not be possible.