Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

Alicia Dick

Dedicated Donor, May 2017

As we close out the 2016-2017 performance season, we are reminded how vital the support of our donors is to the continued success of Young Playwrights' Theater. We were delighted to chat with YPT Board member and donor Alicia Dick. Alicia talks about why she loves YPT, why she gives, and why she decided to become a YPT Builder.

YPT: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your job? What do you like to do for fun?

AD: I’m a director at the Advisory Board Company—a best practices research company—and currently sit on the YPT board. Although the arts is important to me, I spend most of my spare time doing non-arts related things like working out, trying new restaurants, attending festivals and traveling

YPT: How did you learn about YPT? 

AD: YPT came to my attention through my company’s Community Impact program which routinely features local organizations doing great work in the DC area. On this particular occasion, they highlighted organizations that were looking to recruit new board members. Three things appealed to me about YPT: its work with young people, its focus on arts education and the fact that it was local to my community. 

YPT: What inspires you to give to YPT? What inspired you to start giving monthly?

AD: There are a number of organizations whose missions are important to me. And I want to support those critical missions as far as I’m able—even if I’m not closely involved in the work they do. For YPT, a monthly donation allows me to feel more connected to the organization and to the great work that the staff, the teaching artists, and the students are doing. And best of all, an automated monthly donation ensures that I give without even thinking about it! 

YPT: What impact do you hope your gifts will have on YPT students?

AD: Right now YPT serves 40 classrooms in the DMV. Over time, I’d like to see the organization move into more classrooms so that arts education becomes an expected and appreciated part of education for all kids in the DMV. With more support from donors like me, perhaps YPT can improve the (already impressive!) production values of the kids’ plays, and those kids can take their playwriting to even bigger audiences and forums. 

YPT: Why is monthly giving to YPT important to you right now? Why is it important that we come together as a community to keep programs like YPT’s alive in the current political/social/economic climate?

AD: Especially now, when funding for the arts seems to be in jeopardy, I would like to know I’m doing my small part to ensure that YPT can continue to pursue its vital mission of ensuring that every child, regardless of means and background, has an opportunity to recognize the power of their voice. 

YPT: Monthly, sustained giving helps ensure that programs like YPT are around for young people for years to come. What future do you dream of for the young people involved with YPT? What kind of world do you want to give to them?

AD: Wouldn't it be great if YPT helped shape the next MacArthur fellow or Tony Award winner? Wouldn't it be lovely if kids who write plays in school can envision playwriting as a viable and rewarding career path? I'd like to believe that with my monthly support YPT continues to build and innovate its curriculum so that these hopes fall within the realm of possibility for students and alumni.

Thank you to Dedicated Donor and YPT Board member Alicia Dick for sharing her thoughts on giving! Learn more about our YPT 100 campaign and how you can become a YPT Builder.