Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

We want to hear from you!

Leading up to our spectacular May 30 virtual event, help us celebrate with well wishes, poetry, monologues, fond memories and more! You are a part of our story and your thoughtful words and reflections fuel our work as we continue to overcome challenges along the way to sharing the brilliance of young people with the world.


Reflections on This Moment - A Letter to Your Future Self

On May 30, we'll be hearing from young playwrights expressing the hope they pass on to their future selves in spite of life's challenges. In honor of the perseverance of our young playwrights, we want to hear your story. Stories are vital to our ability to survive and envision the future we want to see. 

In a video of no more than 3 minutes, read a letter to your future self in which you recount a moment in this time of social distancing in which stories have helped you stay connected. Share your story and hear the stories of others as we use storytelling to connect and move forward. 

Use the following prompt to help get you started: 

Dear Future Me,

Remember this moment...

This moment is important to me (and you) because...

Remember this moment when you are…



Simply post your video on your account and tag us @YPTDC, so we can share it with the greater YPT community.

If you’re feeling a bit shy or want to submit anonymously, submit your letter here so that we can share for you on our blog and social media platforms! Be sure to tag @YPTDC when you post. 


Share a Fond YPT Memory

No matter how you became involved with YPT, whether as a parent, student, teaching artist or else, share a special moment at YPT that sticks with you to this day! We'll share your written reflection on our blog or share your memory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and tag us @YPTDC! If you'd like to us your words so that we may share them on your behalf, please email Teshonne Powell at

You can read some YPT reflections on our blog.