Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young people to realize the power of their own voices.

2019 Impact

Each year, YPT evaluates our arts education programs using qualitative and quantitative assessment tools that measure students’ writing skills, confidence and their experiences with YPT. Our assessments given at the beginning and the end of each program include questions that measure student engagement, self-confidence and ability to interpret and give constructive feedback. 

The data below demonstrates that by the end of a student’s time with YPT, most YPT students across elementary, middle and high school grade levels feel that YPT played a huge part in increasing their self-confidence, ability to work with others and overall enjoyment in writing.


78% of students said that YPT helped build their self confidence!

“When I write my play, I can be who I am." - Jordan, Eastern High School

80% of students felt confident in using other's feedback to improve their writing! 

“[YPT]  helped me express myself by sharing out with other people." - Winston, Shepherd Elementary School