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Dedicated Donors Here we

Dedicated Donors

Here we highlight the generous people who help make our work possible, our donors. Read below to find out more about who they are and why they choose to give to YPT.

Alicia Dick
Amelia Stanley
Sophia Lewin Adams
Kareem Shaban
Kalynda Chivon Smith, Ph.D
Jane Hans and Suzanne Mann
Katie White
Carol Falk and Alan Johnson


Our Donors

YPT is deeply grateful

YPT is deeply grateful for all the amazing donors who are supporting our programming and performances this year. Without you, there would be no YPT.

For details on the giving levels listed below, click here!

Classroom Champion


Walt and Evelyn Derengowski

Anne Eigeman

Paul and Jill Feeko

Rita Rodriguez



Glenn Greene
Neal and Ava Gross

Barbara Harman
Julie Paller

Victor Shargai

Patricia S. Smith
Johnny Walker




John Beyrle and
     Jocelyn Greene
Paul Gardullo
Essence Newhoff and
Alicia Dick


Monica Herald
Laurence Platt and Clare Herington

Karen Kok

Burgess Levin

David and Dara Morenoff
Lisa and Will Rawls

Mairi Ross

Sarah Whitman



Winkler Becker

Warren and Amy Belasco

Jeff Dicken

Robert F. Dodds

Phillip Genera
Marion and Patricia Goodyear

Thomas Joseph
Callie Kozlak

David Lowenstein

Margaret Poethig
Michael Cooperman and
     Maria Schiff

Aaron Gonzales and
     Jenny Tobin

Albert Wat

Patricia Weiss

Evan and Jessica Wisser



Riley Bartlebaugh and
     Sophia Lewin Adams


Russell Stevenson and
     Margaret Axtell

Kerry Benton

Erik Berg and
     Jill Harrison Berg

Don and Bonnie Blottenberger

Ben-James Brown

Julia Harman Cain

Jesse Card

Frank and Margaret Cervarich

Frank Cervarich

Duncan Chaplin

Chique Gavilan and
     Marisa Chaves

Colin Crawford

Mary Ann de Barbieri
Elizabeth Duncan
Victoria Elliott
Zahi Faranesh

Roxanne Garza
Bryan Greene

Ann Banks and Jon Grossman

James E. Hamos and
      Andrea Warren Hamos

Leon Harris

Marney Cheek and
     Bruce Hirsch

Leonard Hockstader

Toby Horn

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson

Alanna Kelly

Karl and Carol Kindel

Michael Lainoff and
     Kathryn Kincaid

Vilma Linares

Lynne Maxwell

Halley McArn

Laura Meitz

Hazel Moore

Mike Nehmer  
Carmine James Spellane and
     Susan Noon

Theresa Rowell

Laurie Davis and
     Joseph Sellers

Daniel Smith

Chris Stacey

Amelia Stanley

Nancy Polikoff and
     Cheryl Swannack

David Travis

Christopher Vargas

Margo Vickers

Susan Wagner

Andrew Wakefield

Jill Weiler

Laura Wood

Lisa and Alexander Wood

Laura Worby

Anne Urban and Peter Yeo



Nicole Anderson

Susan Wood and Barney

Alison Beyrle

Shirley Bloomquist

Victoria Boutin

George Bozzini

Kent Bream

Nevie Brooks

Joanna Calabrese

Robyn Castro

Amy Celarier

Anna Chang

Cina Chegia

Kathleen Chiarantona

Michael Clyne

Shayna Cook

Marin Rose Correa

Ellen Culter

Jeannie Cunningham

Jan Curtis

Elizabeth Daerr

Anna David

James Davis

William Demps

Puja Dhawan

Oliver Dickerson

Carole Doeppers

Thomas Holzman and
     Alison Drucker
Deb Duncan
Cecilia Cortes Earle

Semra Ergun

Amelia Field


Ainsley Foulds
Carlye Frank

Jeff Gilliland

Kathleen and Wesley Girvin

Stephanie Gitler

Joseph and Merna Guttentag

Diane Harris

Natalie Helper

Andrea Hines

David Jeffrey Horowitz

Caleen Jennings

Ernie Joselovitz

Donna Murphy and
     Keenan Keller

Madonna Kinne

Carolyn Trager Kliman

Stephanie Klodzen

Erin Kozlak

Lance Kramer

Mark Kristula

Kevin LaCherra

Lisa Landmeier

Courtney Lane

Mitch Lerner

Amy Lewis

Mary Lord

Louise Meng
Kathleen Millspaugh
Bryanda Minix

Linda Molino

Harve L. Nichols

Kate Northrup
Catherine O’Connor
Kathleen O’Donnell
Laura Olsen


Kari Parsons
Tanya Penny

Lauren Phillips

Patrick Rainey

Brian Rea

Carlynn Rudd

Danielle Rutkowski

Michael Saltzman

Erica Sarahong

Nancy Schallhorn

Steve Schwartz

Susan Seiler

Caroline and Geoffrey
     Griswold Short

Kavita Singh

Merrill Springer

Larry Strauss

Juliet Stovall

Vanessa Strickland

Maria Tatham

Ashley Trick

Job van Zuijlen

Grace VanderVeer

Judith Stahl Viorst

Christie Walser

K. Michele Walters

Katherine White

Nicholas Wilby

Will Wurzel

Steven Yenzer

Russell Zung



YPT is pleased to acknowledge our Combined Federal Campaign and DC One Fund supporters:

Rupa Bhattacharyya

Michael Brown

Todd Garrison

Roberta Gasbarre

Katherine Kyle

Phylece LeVally

Donna Murphy

Julie Paller

Egan Reich

Sarah Smith

To donate through these workplace giving programs, please use our codes
(CFC: 64148 / DC ONE FUND: 8499) or contact us at 202-387-9173.

This list is current as of June 30, 2018. If you see any inaccuracies,
please contact Jessica Wisser at