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October 2006 YPT Wire
Welcome to the first YPT Wire, a new monthly publication of Young Playwrights' Theater. Each month we will feature a new young playwright, highlight upcoming events and celebrate recent accomplishments. If you have ideas of things you'd like to see in the YPT Wire, please let us know!
African Roots/Latino Soul Opens at Smithsonian
This month The Smithsonian Associates, Discovery Theater and Young Playwrights' Theater will premiere African Roots/Latino Soul. In this exciting new Hispanic Heritage Month play produced by the writers of Young Playwrights' Theater and the professional performing artists of the Discovery Theater, students from MacFarland Middle School and Bell Multicultural High School express their hearts (and souls) with music poetry and drama in an exploration of growing up multi-everything in modern-day America.

This passionate and thought-provoking culture-slam celebrates diversity in the lives of DC's young people. YPT Founding Artistic Director Karen Zacarias worked the students' writings into an exciting interactive play about embracing the contradictions within each one of us and acknowledging that the music inside us can be very different than we appear.

Karen Zacarias and Patrick Torres were recent guests on WETA radio's The Intersection to discuss African Roots/Latino Soul in the context of multicultural identity. To listen to The Intersection please visit: The Intersection

For more information on African Roots/Latino Soul, please visit: YPT Page about African Roots/Latino Soul

Lead Sponsors of African Roots/Latino Soul:


The United Planning Organization

Coming Soon...New Writers Now!
  YPT Pilots New Staged Reading Series
YPT will kick-off its new staged reading series New Writers Now! on Monday, November 13th at Busboys and Poets on 14th Street NW. The series will be held monthly, at the same location, and feature new student works read by professional actors in Busboys and Poets' vibrant Langston Room.

Watch this space for more details about the freshest opportunity to hear new dramatic voices in Washington DC!

Fernando Romero
  Promising Playwright
Fernando Romero graduated this past spring from Antioch College with a major in theatre and is now appearing in YPT’s African Roots/Latino Soul. His life as an actor is one he could have little imagined as a young boy growing up in a mountain village without water or electricity in El Salvador.

The transition from his childhood in El Salvador to his adolescence in Washington was the topic of a play “My Story” Fernando wrote with YPT. Fernando first became acquainted with YPT while he was a student at Bell Multicultural High School. After graduation, YPT offered Fernando a job, first as a receptionist and then as a Program Coordinator from 1999-2002.

Founder Karen Zacarias gave him his first acting job with YPT’s Express Tour. Fernando says “It was an amazing experience. If Karen hadn’t given me the opportunity to act with the Express Tour, I probably wouldn’t have decided to study theatre.” Fernando had been accepted by Antioch College upon graduation in 2000 and delayed enrollment only until his legal paperwork came through.

YPT is proud to welcome Fernando back to the fold with his performance in African Roots/Latino Soul. Fernando is similarly enthusiastic about the message of the piece “As a Latino, it is your worst fear to be treated differently simply because of where you’re from. It’s great to be able to tell people about this experience.”


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