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Workshop Students Rehearse 


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Issue: # 57     

July 2011


Join YPT at the Capital Fringe Festival!


     The Young Playwrights' Workshop 

YPT can't wait for Saturday! The students of our award-winning Young Playwrights' Workshop have been invited to present their original play, Out of the Shadow, through the Capital Fringe Festival's Youth-led Producers Program. The Workshop students will be the only student ensemble produced at the Capital Fringe Festival this year.


In their original play addressing the issue of bullying, the Workshop students take a stand for their peers across the country, presenting multiple perspectives and sharing important stories.


Last night, the Young Playwrights' Workshop was featured on ABC-7 News. Here's the link, in case you missed it.

The students have been working on this play all year, and they are psyched to perform for you this weekend. You can purchase tickets for the show through the Capital Fringe Box Office.


The Young Playwrights' Workshop Presents
Out of the Shadow at Capital Fringe

Saturday, July 23, 12pm

Baldacchino Tent, Fort Fringe
607 New York Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001


*Contains mature themes and language


YPT Imagines Our Future

YPT Dreams at the Staff RetreatLast weekend, the YPT staff packed into cars and headed to Virginia for a staff retreat to imagine the future of our company.


Over two and a half days, we reviewed our history and progress, built our team, and planned for the year ahead. It was an energizing and inspiring weekend, and we could not be more excited for the fast approaching school year.


Click here to meet our staff and hear from each of them about their roles with YPT, their dreams for the year, and their personal YPT theme songs!


YPT Dedicated Donors

For the past three years, YPT has been privileged to receive generous gifts from ITT Defense and Information Solutions in Virginia. This month, YPT reached out to ITT HR Programs Coordinator Suzanne Mann and ITT Contracts Coordinator Jane Hans to thank them for supporting YPT students and to learn more about what inspires them to keep giving.

Jane Hans

Jane Hans

Suzanne Mann 

Suzanne Mann
















YPT: First, tell us a little bit about yourselves. What do you like to do for fun?

Suzanne: We both like to run when we can find the time. We also enjoy relaxing with our husbands and traveling as much as possible. We have both been to Italy in recent years. We love Italian food and wine!


YPT: And now for a very important question - If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to play the lead role?


Suzanne: Jennifer Aniston.


Jane: Zooey Deschanel!


YPT: How did you learn about YPT?


Jane: I found out about YPT when my cousin's daughter Sophie ReVeal's play "Allie in Blunderland" was selected to be performed. It was a wonderful experience to see how YPT directly engaged with the local community and truly inspired a young playwright.  


YPT: What inspired you to give?


Suzanne: The organization's direct engagement with the local community and the heart of their mission to nurture the intellectual, artistic, and personal development of young people, helping them find their "inner light" of self-confidence, sensitivity, creativity, and leadership. Our company was also impressed by YPT's outreach to all children and young adults, including those in juvenile detention centers. 


YPT: What was the giving process like for you? What impact has it had on your company, and what impact do you hope your gifts will have on YPT students?


Jane: Giving to important organizations like YPT feels wonderful. We are lucky to work for a company that values the importance of charitable giving, and that empowers us to make decisions regarding which organizations we should support. We hope that the kids continue to grow their writing skills and that this experience will provide a wonderful career or hobby for them throughout their lives.


Thank you to Suzanne, Jane and ITT Defense and Information Solutions for showing students throughout our region that their voices and stories matter!


Ian Real

Promising Playwright  

YPT Student Ian RealEleventh grader Ian Real is used to moving to new places. He has lived in Germany, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky and Argentina. So, when the U.S. Airforce sent his father to Washington, DC in January of 2011, Ian was already on the lookout for new ways to meet people.


A new friend from Bell Multicultural High School invited him to the 

Young Playwrights' Workshop, and he decided to join. "The first time I went to the Workshop, I was greeted," he remembers. "The Workshop relaxed me and gave me confidence, as well as strengthened me as an actor through constructive criticism and acting concepts. It's a release."


As they prepared for the Workshop's final performance, Out of the Shadow, Ian worked with a group to create the three allegories featured in the piece, which focus on bullying targeting appearance, immigrant status, and sexuality. 


YPT will present Out of the Shadow at the Capital Fringe Festival this Saturday, July 23. Click here to learn more.


"Earlier in the workshop I had written an allegory using birds," he explains, "so I started from there and changed it from people being bullied because of their looks to people being bullied because of where they are from - for being an immigrant and an outsider. As a group, we added on and collaborated on that basic idea and turned it into something bigger."


In August, Ian will be off on his next adventure: moving to Azerbaijan. However, he hopes to come back to the United States for college. "I'm thinking of studying psychology because I like knowing the reasons people think in certain ways. And if someone needs help, it teaches you how to manipulate a person's mind - in a good way - to help them."


For more Promising Playwrights click here


Young Playwrights' Theater
2437 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009 



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