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Issue: # 39 Jan 2010
Ambassadors Represent YPT
YPT Ambassadors
They act as ushers, greeters, promoters and spokespeople. They are the YPT Ambassadors and, as former YPT students, they tell our story like no one else can.
The participants in YPT's newest program have already made their mark at our fall performances.  These current and former YPT students are on hand at each YPT performance to greet new playwrights and audience members alike, assist with receptions and speak publicly about the importance of YPT in their artistic development. 
We are grateful for their service and look forward to all of the ways they will help to grow YPT.
YPT Student Ambassadors (L to R)
Kaedy Fischer, Wilson HS
Siera Toney, Banneker HS
De'Vanti Shouff, Bell HS
Nora Spellane, Wilson HS
Josie Guevara Torres, Bell HS (not pictured)
Stephanie Reyes, Bell HS (not pictured)
YPT Alumni Ambassadors:
Sarah Giffin
Mercedes Gramajo
Jorge Hernandez
Nicole Jost
Mayra Rivera
Alumni Ambassador Sarah Giffin tells why YPT means so much to her.

Sarah Giffin

Apply Now for Young Playwrights' Workshop
Workshop performanceDC students in grades 8-12 are eligible to join the Young Playwrights Workshop, YPT's on-site afterschool program.
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Charlee Mize
CharleePromising Playwright
Charlee Mize is the first student you see in the YPT Documentary. She stands confidently next to YPT actor Fatima Quander and invites the audience into the tale:  
Fatima - Let us tell you a story!
Charlee - Yes, let's begin.
"I was amazed when I saw the YPT Documentary," Charlee enthuses. "I was one out of a bunch of students that are playwrights. I felt chosen."
Charlee is in the 5th grade at Key Elementary in Washington DC. This fall she participated in YPT's
In-School Playwriting Program at Fillmore Arts Center. "I wish I could do it again this spring!" she says.  "Since it's not offered, I think I'll study Shakespeare, sculpture and geometry."
Her first play Soccer Dreams told the story of a girl who was not the best player on her soccer team, but went on to score a goal in the climactic moment of the story.  This past fall, Charlee helped create a class play around the Native American myth of the origin of stories.  "I wrote the main character's monologue and dialogue and a part for the narrator," Charlee reports.
She is also working independently on a piece about a prisoner in Alcatraz. "I went to Alcatraz and I was amazed. I thought it was a cool subject," she says.
Charlee does not see herself as an actor, but she does enjoy performing as a musician and dancer. "I want to grow up to be a famous tap dancer," she says.  "I enjoy Hip Hop too, but the riffs in tap are the best." She hopes to attend Duke Ellington High School for the Performing Arts.
Her advice for any students who are afraid to write a play is "Just write your feelings in the play and maybe that can turn out to be the main character and you can work your problem through."
When asked to describe herself, she says "I think I'm honest, helpful and I think I make a great friend." Then she adds, "I also have a rockin' personality."

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