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Our Impact

Our Impact

Our Impact

Each year, YPT evaluates the In-School Playwriting Program using tools that were developed with professional evaluator Dr. Barry Oreck. Students participate in controlled writing exercises during the second and eleventh sessions of the twelve-workshop series. The exercises are designed to measure students' skills in specific areas, such as: creative thinking, developing characters, dramatizing conflict, proper use of form and structure and creative use of language and grammar. Students are assessed on the following scale: Exemplary, Proficient, Developing, Needs More Learning. YPT conducts these assessments to measure student learning in our programs and demonstrate our impact on students' ability to express themselves clearly and creatively. The graphs below are representative of YPT's measured impact at the high school, middle school and elementary school level in the In-School Playwriting Program during the 2016 - 2017 school year.

FY17 Student Assessments Overall

Pre-Assessment Post-Assessment


     Exemplary or Proficient
     Developing or Needs More Learning


On average, the percentage of students who participated in YPT's In-School Playwriting Program in FY17 and measured exemplary or proficient increased by almost 20 points! After participating in the program, well over half of all students developed skills in creative thinking, developing character and conflict, structure, language, form and grammar. 


FY17 Student Self-Assessments

Students also had the opportunity to reflect on their own experience in the program by measuring how much they agree with certain statements about their own skills and the effectiveness of the program.

At the end of the program...

87% of students responded affirmatively to the statements "YPT made my regular class more fun" and "YPT inspired me to think creatively."

It does not matter what you write about, because it just matters that you have fun. - Jahaira, John Adams Elementary School

82% of students agreed with the statement, "I feel more confident that I can express myself through writing after working with YPT."

They inspire you to write as a young person, and to love what you speak in words. -Crystal, Orr Elementary School

Overall, the majority of students agreed with statements that indicated a belief that the In-School Playwriting Program was fun and that it helped them feel more confident about their writing and their ideas.