Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young
people to realize the power of their own voices.


2012-2013 Donors

YPT is deeply grateful for all the amazing donors who are supporting our programming and performances this year. Without you, there would be no YPT.

Playwrights’ Circle

Kathy Bailey

Jocelyn Greene and John Beryle

Miriam Gonzales and Michael Fitzpatrick

Elizabeth Friedman

Essence Newhoff and Paul Gardullo

Tod and Sophia Gimbel

Bryan Greene

Francine Hope



Playwrights’ Circle

Rupa Bhattacharyya 

Jonathan Chace

Lori Wingate and Mark Chandler

Bruce Hirsh and Marney Cheek

Thomas Joseph


Barbara Bruno

 Leonard DiSanza

Phillip Genera

Ken and Anne Greene

Kenneth Jost

Margaret Egan and Richard Kashmanian

George and Lisa Kok

Lynne Maxwell 

Eric and Jennifer Miller

Ethan and BriGitte Moore

Dara and David Morenoff

William and Louisa Newlin



Adrienne Nelson and Ian Armstrong
Nancy Bagot
Noelle Melton and Jonathan Burr
Amy Campbell
Duncan Chaplin
Louis  and Bonnie Cohen
Teresa Cole
Janice Cori
Ken Davis
Mary Ann de Barbieri
Elizabeth Duncan
Anne Eigeman
David and Judith Falk
Zelda Fichandler
James and Sandra Fitzpatrick
Lisa Fuentes
Kevin Gahan
Tish Gardner
Kate Geyer
David and Allison Goldfarb
Julie Kashmanian and Nana Gongadze
Arnold and Mary Alice Gonzales
Ruth Gramlich
Ted Groll
Joseph and Merna Guttentag
Tammy Halevy
Amy and John Harbison
Mary and Larry Hewes
Alison Drucker and Thomas Holzman
Annie Houston
Carol Falk and Alan Johnson
Gregg Kelley
Karl and Carol Benner Kindel
Jesse Kirshbaum
Lisa Landmeier
Paul Sprenger and Jane Lang
Karen Abromaitis

Rachel and Elijah Alper


Leslie Anderson

David Ascoli

Debra and James Ascoli

Emi Ayala

Susan Bandler

Maureen Basha

Simi Batra

Susan Wood and Barney Bauer

Edward Bempong

Patrick Kraich and Barbara Berlin

Judy Berman

Howard Bernstein 

Alison Beyrle

Caroline Beyrle

Bethany Blakey

Stephanie Bollini

Susan and Robert Bourdaudhui

George Bozzini

Philip and Kathleen Brady

Tramaine Brathwaite

Pamela Breault-Simpson

Michael Brown

Jeffrey Buck

Sophy Burnham

Cecilia Cackley

Danny Cackley

Rita and Gary Carleton

Diane Carter

Julia Carter

Michael Chandler

James Chang

Patricia Chen

Edward Churchill

Gay Cima

Jacob Coburn 

Becky Cole

Zach Collins

Stephanie Conner

Paula Costa

Zoe Cowan

Jason Crum

Sarah Dachos

Helyn Dallas

Mark Dallas

Robert De Lossa

Carol Johnson and Albert Dean

Margaux Delotte-Bennett

Amanda Demczuk

Mary Lou Demeo

Leah D'Errico

Catherine DiSanza

Carole and Daniel Doeppers

John Dowd

Kristen Dunham

Anna Ernst

Ruth Ernst

Mavis Fergus 

Darwin Ferreras

Caitlin Ferro

Phil Fine

Colleen Fisher

Leila and Ben Fitzpatrick

Monet Flowers

Cori Fordham

Karen and Bill Fowkes

Raina Fox 

Steven Foy

Samantha Free

Lena Steckel Frumin

Greg Geisler

Generic Theatre Company

Frank and Ann Gilbert

Colleen Gillis Snow

Kathleen Girvin

Ashley Glennon

Lynn Goldberg

Shonda Goward

Teresa Grana

Monica Granovsky

Janet Greene

Deborah Grimley

Lara Hammock

Heather Haney

Daniel Harbison

George Harbison

Lawrence Harbison

Anthony and Eileen Harris

Diane Harris

Matthew Harris

Danielle Harvey

Gwenthian Hewitt

Kathleen and Art Hiban

Carla Hubner

Andreas Hunn

Debra and Jim Husbands

Carrie Irvin

Graziella Jackson

Jessica Jackson

Michelle Tang Jackson

Tyrone Jenkins

Margie Johnson

Ernie Joselovitz

Adam Justus

Lauren Kane

Lori Klaplan

Alyson Kauffman

Adrienne Keamy

Brian Kennedy







ITT Excelis

Laurie Kahn c/o Stanley Snyder, CPA

Kathryn Kincaid and Michael Lainoff

Julie Paller

Catherine Crum and Bo Pham

Rita Rodriguez

Patricia Smith

The Jerome A. and Deena L. Kaplan Family Foundation

Karen Kok

Michele Kulerman

Phylece Levally-Scheirich

Mickey Revenaugh

Annette Polan

Caryn Ernst and Michael Silverman

David Snider

Chris Stacy

 John and Alison Steadman

Dianne Torresen

Johnny Walker, III

Patricia Weiss

Eric Wenberg

Sylvia Becker and Hugh Winkler

Beverly and Chris With

Irene and Alan Wurtzel

Marlene Laro

Leland Larsen

Brent Lafaive 

 Hugh Lester

Jesica Lindgren

Mary Liniger

Jason Loewith

William and Martha Longbrake

Laurie Loomis

Tom and Joy Loomis

William Mann

Louise Meng

Jordan Meyer

Hazel Moore

John Odenwelder and Nancy Noonan

Daniel Owens

Craig and Susannah Palik

Brian Philips

Robert and Dorothy Pohlman

Nancy Polikoff 

Richard Pribnow

Judy Lynn Prince

Jim Purekal

Michael Putzel and Ann Blackman Putzel

Ann Rohr

Patricia Sheehy

Ann and Mark Shields

Daniel and Julie Smith

Hendrick Smith

Emanuel Strauss 

Brian Sutow

Janis Avila Swartz

Nancy Torres

Julia Upham

Margo Vickers 

Thomas White

Judith Whittlesey

Pamela Wilper

Stacy Winick

Alexander and Elizabeth

Patricia Wyse

Karen Zacarias


Lisa Kirby

Ellen Kirshbaum

Kenneth Kirshbaum 

Roberta Kirshbaum

Karin Kizer

Beth Knight

Ian Kolesinskas

Dana Kornfeld

Amy Kurz

Casey Labrack

Kate Laguarda

Stephanie Landry

Jessica Larson

Vivienne Lassman

Lorraine Latek

Sheri Lawal

Tammi and Marcus Leathers

Simmons Lettre

Julie Lewis

Arturo Lichauco

Benjamin Lieber

Margaret Lin

Allison Lince-Bentley

Sara Lindstrom

Jane Mahaffie

Dean and Linda Manson

Edwin Martinez

Siomara Martinez

Jennifer Matthews

Ryan Maxwell

Danielle Mazur

Carolyn McCaffrey

Byron McFarlane

Rachel McGarry

Clarissa McKithen

Charles McMahon

Meridian Hill Pictures

Joshua Midgett

Robert Miller

Meg Milroy

Andy Mirsky

Christine Monahan

George and Irene Moore

Ruya Norton

Eileen O'Brien

Lynn O'Connell

Catherine O'Conner

Tim O'Mara

Kathleen Owen

Craig and Susannah Palik

Charles and Evelyn Payson

Wesley Pendarvis on behalf of the Advisory Board Company

Paula Karol Pinha

Alexandra Pohanka

Kelly Pollins

Ronald Polverari

Scott Quehl

Kierstin Quinsland

Miguel Ramirez

Stacy Reed

Laura Reilly

Reyna Rios

Nicholas Roberts

Kimberlee Robinson

Margaret Rohr

Sarah Rohr

Elizabeth Sablik

Kelly Savietta

Nancy Schallhorn

Linda and Ken Schatz

Kellie Schroeder

Julie and Jack Schugars

Shirley Serotsky

Meha Shah

Michael Shaw

Olenka Shkrobut

Julie Silva 

Joshua Simmons

Helle Slutz

Sue and Larry Soler

Gail Sporer

Juliette Steadman

Allison Stockman

Larry Strauss

Vanessa Strickland

Rachel Swann

Kiki Sweigart

Michael Swigert

Theresa Tangerlini

Cynthia Terrell 

Anne Theisen

Gretchen Toles

Jerry Turner

Suneela Vaidya

Job van Zuijlen

Christopher Vargas

Vince and Stacie Verna

Marla Viorst

Karen Walking Eagle

Christie Walser

Albert Wat

Mattie Weber

Maya Weil

Lucy Weymouth

Katherine White

Elena Widder

David Winer

Tanya Woods

Carlos Parada and Laura Worby

William Wright


*Producer of the 2012 New Play Festival

Dedicated Donors

Here we highlight the generous people who help make our work possible, our donors. Read below to find out more about who they are and why they choose to give to YPT.

Jane Hans and Suzanne Mann
Dedicated Donors

For the past three years, YPT has been privileged to receive generous gifts from ITT Defense and Information Solutions in Virginia. In July 2011, YPT reached out to ITT HR Programs Coordinator Suzanne Mann and ITT Contracts Coordinator Jane Hans to thank them for supporting YPT students and to learn more about what inspires them to keep giving. 

YPT: First, tell us a little bit about yourselves. What do you like to do for fun?

Suzanne: We both like to run when we can find the time. We also enjoy relaxing with our husbands and traveling as much as possible. We have both been to Italy in recent years. We love Italian food and wine!


YPT: And now for a very important question - If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to play the lead role?


Suzanne: Jennifer Aniston.


Jane: Zooey Deschanel!

Katie White
Dedicated Donor

Katie White was introduced to YPT by her daughter, a former YPT student at Wilson Senior High School who was featured in the New Play Festival. “It was amazing to see her play come to life with real actors playing the roles,” Katie remembers. “That was the beginning of a great relationship between my daughter and YPT, and I was lucky to continue to be able to follow the organization through her.”

Katie has enjoyed a life long love of the arts. She holds a BA degree in Theatre, and she was an actress in elementary, junior and senior high school. She still remembers all the songs from her junior-high play "People i.e."
Katie continues to believe strongly in the arts, and particularly in the power and importance of arts education in the classroom. She was inspired to give to YPT after watching the 2009 New Play Festival, and witnessing first-hand what a difference YPT can make in the lives of young people from all over DC. “I hope YPT will use the funds for whatever needs the organization has,” Katie says, “and that it will make some small difference to the programs.”
To anyone considering donating to YPT, Katie says, “Give whatever you can to this really important organization. If one child a year decides that he or she can be a writer, or an actor, or can attend college, the impact is HUGE. In addition to adding to the artistic education of kids who can afford to follow their dreams, this organization reaches out to children who don't have the privileges others take for granted. What a great way to expose these children to the arts and allow them to express themselves and their life situations.  It will make a difference to them and others who are fortunate enough to experience their work.”

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson
Dedicated Donors

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson are long-time DC residents who have been involved with YPT for the past two years. 

"We donate to Young Playwright’s Theater because we have been to a number of their productions, seeing first-hand what they are accomplishing with young people from a wide variety of backgrounds in our public schools," Carol says. 
Carol and Alan also have volunteered their time, serving as ushers at YPT events such as the New Play Festival and New Writers Now!
Alan taught mathematics in DC Public Schools for 31 years.  "For the last nine I taught at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where I witnessed the value of the arts in stimulating learning," Alan says.  Carol is a former journalist and volunteer adviser to student newspapers at the DC schools attended by their children. "I have a special interest in seeing that young people are taught to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively," she says. "Besides, we enjoy good theater!" they add.

Without the support of dedicated donors like Carol and Alan, YPT programming would not be possible.